Monday, 12 February 2007

The call of nature is giving out the wrong address

Oh I just had to share.....I couldn't not share.........

Doug and I were sitting in the loungeroom watching Supernatural tonight, right at the end of the episode and we hear James get up, grizzling a bit. We called him to come out to us and then the next thing we hear is water spilling. Cue for both of us to leap off the couch at warp speed to burst into the hallway and see poor James, half asleep, pants around his ankles, peeing in the hallway on the timber floor in front of the linen cupboard!!! ROTFPMSL!!!!!!

Poor Doug scared him a bit by asking him quite loudly what he was doing and he burst into tears and just kept saying he was sorry. Oh I felt so bad for the poor little man!!!! He was unfortunately committed to the procedure and just stood there crying and weeing until he was done and then tried to pull up his pants which were now of course wet as well!!!! Doug has no idea what to do at this point and ushers Jamie into the bathroom to go to the toilet and I stood in the hallway crying with laughter and pointing out that really it was a bit late for the toilet now!!! OMH I have not laughed so hard in ages!!!!

So I've grabbed the poor bugger some dry undies and pj shorts and put them on him and gotten him back into bed. I feel so sorry for him, half awake, dazed and confused and probably for all intents and purposes he was quite sure he was peeing where he was supposed to. Lucky for him he will get up tomorrow with no memory of the evening's mishap. I on the other hand am going to have the whole thing etched in my memory (oops sorry now you probably will too!) and I tell ya, it's one worth saving up for his 21st!!!!

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