Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Marah Johnson is coming!!!!

Be excited - be very excited!!! Cyberscraps' shipment of Marah Johnson products has left the sunny shores of the good ol' US of A and will be online within a week!
I'm inserting a disclaimer here to say that it all relies on planes, trains and automobiles and that nobody in Customs will think we're smuggling anything naughty other than delicious scrapping products to ensure we'll have the Marah Johnson in a week. Maybe I'm being a little optimstic but I'm excited!!!!! I do promise however that we will absolutely email the moment it is available........
I have wanted these products from the moment I first saw them. We've got the entire Love Struck collection as well as the Caution Boy and Caution girl ranges. They will also cater for the most grungy, funky teenage layouts as well. Let's not forget those gotta have swatch books and little pewter skull and crossbones brads with red gem eyes!!! Perfect if you've got a little pirate in the house! If you want to know exactly when they're available to purchase you can register at Cyberscraps for our newsletter and we'll be sending one out to our registered customers the very millisecond they are all loaded up onto the website and from the buzz around the net that I've seen so far you will need to be quick because I think they're going to sell fast!

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