Friday, 2 February 2007

Crash and burn

Well my big grade one boy made it through the first week of school and I think it has all hit him like a rubber cricket bat across the back of the head this afternoon. He looked a little flat when he got into the car although he said he had a good day. You know that look when really they are knackered tired but don't want to say so. We had a flying visit at Cass's place and he had a play with Lily and Ronin and then we went to get him a haircut (another one of those things that just didn't happen before school started!). He was okay if a bit quiet and then ended up having a screaming, raging, choking, running around like a headless chook in the newsagents afterwards because he couldn't decide on a treat after ten minutes so I chose one for him. Oh my hat it went on for about fifteen minutes. He kept going as we went to the fruit and veg shop as well. I continued my way around the shop with him gagging and screeching behind me, my zucchini under my arm and as calm a demeanour as I could muster given that I had a small boy that looked to be possessed by the devil dragging around behind me. He was so spectacular that an elderly Irish gentleman even stopped to pat him on his flailing head and say to me "oh they don't throw tantrums like that anymore do they?" and chuckled. I can only assume he meant it was the best wobbly he had seen in quite a while. Eventually it petered out and he came up and put his head on my tummy and said quietly "I'm very tired Mummy". Poor little thing, I think the week just caught up with him all at once and how many of us grown ups are like that too? You walk in the door on Fridays and just collapse on the couch?? So he ended up having a nice warm bath and he's now asleep on my bed. I hope he has a sleep in tomorrow as well cos I'm sure his poor little body and brain could do with the extra rest.

Roast vegetable and Moroccan chicken kebabs tonight - the kebabs from the shop with the meat and salad filling type kebabs. With garlic aioli and sour cream. my bad........

If anybody wants to drop a line and say hi I'd love to hear from you. I'll be pulling an all-nighter for work tonight so I'll be in and out until daylight. Yep the hours suck but the money's great and really after four kids I'm used to going without sleep anyway! lol

Got my Dares layout done and I've posted it on the sidebar. Very happy that I didn't have to compromise my one big photo to make the five or more photos requirement. The beautiful blue eyed boy in the picture is the very same not-so-long ago possessed child from the shops. You'd never guess to look at him!

Nice quiet weekend I think. It's been a long first week back and some chill time would be nice.

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