Thursday, 1 February 2007

My Baby Girl Is Going To Ballet Class!!!

Now for anybody at all who knows my daughter you will understand that while I'm very excited - I have waited through three boys to get my little girl after all! - I'm also somewhat apprehensive. Caeligh is a 2ft tall one girl demolition team with no fear, no sense of danger and a desire to climb, jump, leap, hang or perch precariously all the time. She was't quite what I expected when I asked the universe to send me a baby girl. She was my baby girl until the moment she discovered she could move without me and then it all wend downhill from there! I know that having three brothers to contend with probably makes some little girls into princesses but Caeligh went the other way. She's loud, boistrous, strong willed, independent and determined to do it all her way. Ol' Blue Eyes would be proud of her! It's those qualities about her that I love the most in fact. She is one ferocious girl and I love that she's not dainty or precious or shy. My mother cursed me when I was a kid, saying she hoped I had a daughter one day and that she would be just like me. Apparently from the grave my mother got her wish (thanks Mum - pity you didn't gift me your patience while you were at it!).

Cass's little girl is going to ballet lessons next week which is great because Lily truly is all girl, a princess of epic proportions and we love her just the way she is. She will go, enjoy, do as she's instructed and love every minute of being a ballerina. Caeligh on the other hand will run, scream, hang from the bars on the walls, climb on top of the piano, throw her ballet flats around, rip off her skirt and pull her hair out from it's neat bun. She may even have a super dooper wobbly on the floor if the teacher tries to make her stop. I would like her to be the ballerina kind but I'm pretty sure she's not. I was going to send her to gymnastics considering she thinks it's fun to swing from the top of her brother's bunk and vault herself onto the mattress underneath. Her lack of fear would be helpful and her amazing balance and coordination would be great assets in the gymnastics world. But I want her to be the ballerina kind. So I've found a very understanding teacher who has a daughter very similar to Caeligh so understands what it means to have a "difficult" child. So on Saturday we will go, kicking and screaming most likley, to the dancewear shop and buy the pretty pink leotard, the pretty pink floaty skirt and the pretty pink ballet flats. We will get the matching headband for her hair which permanently looks wild and windblown cos she likes it like that. Next Friday is D-day or should I say B-day (B for ballet). I will doll her up, take her to class and see what happens. I suspect it won't last more than a week or two. Genetics are a powerful thing and my first ballet foray only lasted half of my first and only ever lesson because "I don't like that lady telling me what to do all the time" but like my mother, I'll let her go and give it a try and book into gymnastics the week after. But just think of all the layout opportunities! I can take a hell of a lot of photos in the space of a couple of weeks!

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