Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Is Blog. Is Good.

While waiting for my postie (who did eventually turn up and who did not have my SM in his possession) I had a play with a door hanger. I've never done one before because I think I have trouble with the idea of working on a smaller surface than 12 x 12.

Now if you are like me, sometimes other occupants of the house (right Dougie?) have trouble understanding that blogging is an essential part of the day - stress relief, therapy, fun and social networking all rolled into one. I often am sprung blogging instead of typing my work and while nothing is ever said out loud, I can still hear the voice saying "that's not working, that's mucking around".

So this is for you Dougie - please read it and says "I am blogging not bludging and yes, there is a difference!

Yes indeedy there is a difference!!! Although when I showed it to Dougie he did have to ask if there was! What a cheek!!!

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Chris Millar said...

Hi Lu, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your b'day wishes and lovely comments on my work. I really appreciate it!! I'm sooooo loving your door hanger!! Gorgeous creation and such a good idea!!!

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