Thursday, 22 February 2007

Brand Spankin' New and Ready For You!!!!

Oh that sounds seriously daggy!!!! lol But I just thought I'd share that Cyberscraps have just received some of the latest Basic Grey - Phoebe and Scarlett's Letter (Perhaps and Stella Ruby are not far behind) - and ALL of the new Urban Lily (Everyday Lily, Happy Everything and Mayella papers, Urban Cut cutouts, chipboard and rubons).

Above is the lovely link that takes you straight to all the new delicious goodies. If you are mad keen (like me :) ) then you will appreciate the value of the Sets category which lets you do the "I've got no money problems at all and I'll just take one of everything!!!!" thing. It might fix a little bit of the money problem because choosing an entire set gives you an automatic 10% DISCOUNT on the set so you are saving even more on what's already a great price. The link for Sets is below.

I'm off over there now because last week when we got some new stock in I was slack and figured I'd order it later and ended up missing out altogether! So I'm going to have me some new BG and some new UL and I'm going to lock myself in my room on Saturday night when everyone else is out with a couple of glasses of red, some fantastic photos and some lovely papery inspiration!

I did try to include some thumbnails of the papers but I'm a bit technologically challenged and Blogger wasn't about to make it any easier for me so I've given up and I'm just going to go look at Cyberscraps' pictures instead!

Oh I used texture paste today FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! I'm a texture paste virgin (well i was before lunchtime anyway) and have never felt the need to use it at all before. I know there are gasps resounding through the scrapping community here - someone who has never used it! I was doing my layout for the "My Legacy" challenge for Aussie Dares (down to the wire as it's due in tomorrow - sorry Miss Sue!!!!) and the word "organic" kept going around my head. I couldn't find any embellishments that really worked for me and then "texture paste" popped into my head as well. I was sitting at my desk having a crisis of scrapping faith here people!!! I was having a minor freak out as the layout was dragging me kicking and screaming in a direction I'd never gone before.

Does anybody else thing that texture paste smells like (and I'm only guessing here) your grandmother's haemorrhoid cream?????? Yuk......wouldn't want to mistake it for anything else

I also had no idea how looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong it takes to dry either! I am so not known for my patience!!! I even gave up acrylic paint in favour of ink because I didn't like waiting for it to dry!

But today I have patience and I've waited like a good girl and I'm I think happy with the result. It's still sitting on my desk but I don't think it's completely finished as there is the little voice going "needs something else, needs something else" every time I look at it so I'm going to turn it over for now so I can get some more work done and I'll come back to it later.

Yeeha My Name Is Earl is on tonight!!! And then SVI and CI and there goes any time I had put aside to try to get some more typing done.......I missed CI last week but didn't care cos I think it was Chris Noth in that one and I'm sorry but for me it's Vincent D'Nofrio or it's nothing!!! Something weirdly sexy and magnetic about that man,apart from the ugh fact that he also reminds me of Vince Vaughan who I don't particularly like but I can put that out of my mind for an hour a week.

Have you got a weekly TV schedule, something you go by each day that gets pencilled in no matter what? I never used to as much but these days it's a bit different.

Monday = Supernatural

Tuesday = NCIS

Wednesday = House then Medium

Thursday = My Name Is Earl then SVU then CI (if I haven't nodded off on the couch by then!)

Friday = Take-away thai food and movie night at home

Weekends = can't be bothered with commercial TV......Foxtel gets a good workout on the weekends with lots of Stand Up Australia, flicking around on V, Music Max etc etc and CI channel because I have a morbid fascination with the murder cases. I also love watching Cops and Police 10/7 because no matter how crap I think my life is going - I'm not on that show yet!!!! lol

Apologies if the layout of this post is all over the place. That's what I get for trying to put pretty pictures of paper in there for you. Consider my wrist firmly slapped by Blogger!

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