Thursday, 1 February 2007

Blogging not working - my bad.....

I know I should be working right now and I'll be kicking myself for blogging instead but I'm loving updating and changing things. I've added a few bits and pieces and included a couple of songs down the bottom that I really love right now.

I'm halfway through my Aussie Dares More Than 5 Photos layout and it didn't kill me as I had anticipated!!! lol I'll have to finish it tonight though so Cass can scan it for me tomorrow. I only just scraped in last week and I don't want Sue to think I'm always so late (ha ha ha I know it's too late for that!!! lol)

The big news I had and still have has been a bit delayed but fear not!!! As soon as I get the word from the powers that be I will absolutely share.

So looking forward to Friday!!! Friday nights at our house are kind of "date night" for Doug and I. We usually grab a six pack of nice beer, something like Toohey's Extra Dry and grab some takeaway from the very fantastic local Thai restaurant. I love a great green chicken curry and their satay chicken skewers are amazing. We don't even think about calories on Friday nights, even if we are trying to lose any weight. It's our one treat of the week. We usually then watch a movie or a couple of recorded shows we've missed during the week. The bigger boys are gone every second weekend to their dad's place and the little ones often go to the MIL's for a sleepover. It's kind of a routine for us now, one that I wouldn't swap. It lets us wind down from the week and just enjoy each other's company without the hassle of having to get dressed up and go out.

Helen's challenge on Cyberscraps this week is to do a layout based on an ad, either TV or magazine etc. I have a great one that I did based on the Mastercard ad and then I realised that SM are going to publish it in a couple of months so I can't use it! Sorry Helen but I'm really running out of hours to get that done! I'll see how my work goes tomorrow and what time I have left.

Cyberscraps is gettng in some of the new Basic Grey. We've ordered Perhaps and Stella Ruby. I liked Phoebe too but more than the person who has to cough up the cash so gave that one a miss. The Scarlet's Letter range really threw me. I only liked one of the papers, the black and white one and the rest didn't strike a cord with me at all. It's unusual for BG cos I like all their stuff. Maybe IRL they look better so I'll have to keep my eye out for some to see if it makes a difference. It can be really hard to make a decision on scrapping supplies over the net. I'm a really touchy-feely type of scrapper. I like to pick up paper, touch the embellishments, hold them and that determines whether I like them enough to buy them. I never got the hang of internet shopping because it's just a picture. When I look at supplies IRL I want to be able to feel that "oooohhhhhhh must have now" urge that only happens if you have it in your hot little hands immediately. LIGHTBULB MOMENT!!!! If I want to save money maybe I should stop shopping at stores and start using the net!!!! lol I wouldn't buy nearly as much if I couldn't fall in love with it at first sight!!! lol Oh musn't tell Dougie about that......

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