Monday, 12 February 2007

Lazy bums of the world unite!!!

I've had one of those days so far where I don't actually feel like doing much of anything. It's Monday so my only weekday that I don't work and usually I spend it at Cass's place and we scrap and force our children into cruel and sadistic photo shoots where we exploit their utter cuteness by dressing them up. No, what actually happens is that we sit and scrap and usually the girls dress themselves up and Lily's little brother as well and demand to have their photo taken!!! But because Miss Lil was sick yesterday and last night we had things up in the air and were going to give today a miss. Caeligh was vomity this morning so off to Gran's she went and I was prepared to do the extra work I've got on for this week and maybe a bit of scrapping. So after dropping the kids at school I swung past Cass's place for a coffee and a hello. I ended up coming home to see if I could make a start on the work but for technological reasons I couldn't start it until this afternoon. So what to do?

I've had this flu now for a week and a half and it's really hanging on. I hate it when it just doesn't get up and leave as quickly as it came. So I've been feeling about 60% for the past few days and the early starts at the end of last week caught up with me as I didn't stop much over the weekend either. After some consideration I did the only sensible thing there was - I was alone in the house, couldn't work, refused to do housework, wasn't quite in the zone to scrap - so I went back to bed!!! I know it sounds awful, almost as if even though I can catch a few hours in the middle of the day that somehow I shouldn't iykwim? I don't even know why I felt bad about it. I don't like being under the weather when Doug gets home because then he has to shoulder the load of the whole evening circus with the kids and that's not fair because he's been at work all day too. So I thought if I could just have a couple of hours it might be the recharge I need as I'll have to work long hours for a few nights/mornings this week too. I almost feel bad even telling you. I know how tired you all are too!!!! Even if you don't feel run down, an hour's sleep in the middle of the day sometimes just leaves you feeling energised when you didn't even think you needed it. I kind of feel guilty, it would be like one of my friends telling me, as I sat in the middle of the mess and chaos of my house with screaming kids and me still in my pj's at 4pm, that she had spent the day at a beauty spa and just felt "wonderful darling!". Trust me I'd feel a teensy bit resentful, not because she got to do it but because I didn't!!! So next time you suddenly have a couple of hours fall in your lap during the day (Yep I totally know how rare that is!!!!) use it to your body and mind's fullest advantage and have a catnap. Evening arsenic hour may be so much easier to deal with after a bit of extra sleep - mine hasn't started yet but I'll let you know if it is easier!!!

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